Membership Levels

The Poughkeepsie Tennis Club offers different membership levels based on your lifestyle. Listed below are examples of membership types. We offer both local and out-of-town memberships, based on your residence. Contact us to gain sponsorship and apply for membership.


Join us for a summer to see everything the club has to offer, from swimming to tennis and all the fun social events. Membership runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day. To inquire about summer membership please email

Family Membership

For husband and wife, each domestic partner, or head of household and all unmarried children up to and including age 25.

Single Membership

For single members, age 21 and over.

House Membership

For single or married members, age 21 and over. Take part in social functions and use the pool and fitness center. No tennis or squash privileges.

Junior Membership

For single members between the ages of 12-20. Enjoy all membership privileges of the Club, except voting or holding interest.

Questions or Concerns

What is the membership period?

Membership periods are for one year, starting on January 1 each year. If you join midyear, you can obtain a prorated membership rate for that year.

I am not a member, can I have my private event at the PTC?

As with many private clubs, the Club does however permit certain non-member events to supplement member revenue. Our hope is that the Club’s members will be directly or indirectly involved in the majority of the social events at the Club which may be attended by non-member guests.

How do I become a member?

To obtain sponsorship for membership, please contact

What are the membership levels and how much are they?

The Club offers a variety of membership levels including full tennis privileges and house memberships. The initiation fee and annual dues vary by the level of membership and facility privileges received.

Who is eligible for membership?

It is the Club’s goal to create a membership which has varied interests and business pursuits. Applicants will be considered regardless of sex, race, color, creed, age, national or ethnic origin, marital status, physical or mental handicap, veteran status or other bias prohibited by law.