The tennis facilities at the Poughkeepsie Tennis Club include five red clay courts, three outdoor hard courts, and two indoor hard courts. There is plenty of court availability indoors, including seasonal reservations. Multiple tennis events are held during the year to provide a competitive opportunity and fun for players of all ages and abilities. Lessons and clinics are available at any time, structured to suit your convenience and level of play.

We also host a variety of UTR events throughout the year, so checkout our UTR page.

Spring 2020 Junior Tennis Program

10 & under

Our 10 and under program uses age appropriate equipment for little ones so that they have fun and experience success more quickly.  Designed for beginners age 4-10 years old, using the scaled down equipment (shorter racquets, slightly larger balls, smaller nets, etc.) your child will have fun learning to play!

Spring 10-week program begins March 9

Intended primarily for kids 4-5 years old.  Red Ball 1 classes are for kids with little to no experience.  

Thursday 4:00pm-5:00pm
Saturday 10:00am-11:00am
$290 member / $320 member

Intended primarily for kids 6-7 years old.  Red Ball 2 classes are for kids with some prior experience. 

Thursday 4:00pm-5:00pm
Saturday 11:00am-Noon
$290 member / $320 member

Intended primarily for kids 8-10 years old.  Orange Ball 1 classes are for kids with little to no experience.  Orange Ball 2 classes are for kids with some prior experience.  

Orange Ball 1 – Tuesday 5:00-6:00pm
Orange Ball 1 – Saturday 11:00am-Noon
Orange Ball 2 – Thursday 5:00-600pm
Orange Ball 2 – Saturday Noon-1:00pm
$290 member / $320 member


11 & older

Our Junior Academy program, intended for players 11 years and older, is designed to give kids the basic knowledge needed to enjoy and excel at tennis.  With different levels offered. It doesn’t’ matter whether you’ve never played before, or you’re already on your high school’s varsity team, or anywhere in between, we have the right group for you!

Spring 10-week program begins March 9

Green Ball 1
Intended for kids with limited or no experience.      

Monday – 4-5pm
Saturday – 1-2pm
$290 member / $320 member

Green Ball 2/Yellow 1
Intended for players who can sustain modest rallies from the baseline, as well and serve consistently.  They will be working on placing their shots and well as constructing points.

Monday – 5-6pm
Saturday 2-3pm
$290 member / $320 member

Yellow 2
These players can hit consistently, but lack consistent spin.  They will be taught how to hit with spin on both groundstrokes and serves, as well as implementing basic strategies.

Monday 6-7pm
Saturday 3-4pm
$290 member / $320 member

Private lessons are also available.  Contact Greg Roman, Director of Tennis at 703-801-5164 or for additional information.